Summer 2019!

Now for a wonder-colorful autmn in Europe.

Now it’s your turn to play …


2 special releases that put your musical activities in the spotlight! The Klaviernotenbuch (Piano Book) features 25 songs from our repertoire (with skill levels ranging from easy to challenging), and our Play-Along tracks (on mp3 Cd or as download) let you play along all 45 tunes in our Realbooks I & II - easy and … fun!

Come to Berlin!

Plakat 17 Hippies Haustanz 2017

… or the day before to the eastern part of the region of Westphalia:
28th of December - Rietberg, Cultura.

Two Elephants

These days, our thoughts go out to Spain a lot. We played fantastic concerts all over the peninsular, with José Luis (our extraordinary manager) showing us how diverse and unique the regional cultural traditions are and how to enjoy them together as Europeans. Thank you for the experience!

This tune is called „Sobreviviendo“. It’s from our latest project „Metamorphosis", with Uri Kinrot and Blake Worrell doing a version of our song „Biese Bouwe“.

What a smashing tour!

You turned winter into spring …
Here’s our contribution to the “Mannequin Challenge” - thanks for your support!

The jubilee encore tour

"20 years 17 Hippies" - rocking out!

27.12.16 • Rietberg / 28.+29.12.16 • Berlin / 17.01.17 • Bonn / 18.01.17 • Darmstadt / 19.01.17 • Ludwigsburg / 20.01.17 • Jena / 24.01.17 • Nürnberg / 25.01.17 • Freiburg / 26.01.17 • Heidelberg / 01.02.17 • Osnabrück / 02.02.17 • Düsseldorf / 03.02.17 • Worpswede

Winter …

Paulina mit 17 Hippies T-Shirt

…will be exciting. Whatever else is going to happen we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary well into 2017 … a rare chance to pay tribute to our name!